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Kindercarton one child - three months

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A Kindercarton is a Monthly Preschool Activity Box Delivered To Your Door!

A month’s worth of preschool curriculum materials and activities delivered to your door so you can focus on quality learning time with your preschooler without the hassle of planning, prepping, shopping, and gathering.The perfect match for home-preschool, a weekend with a special grandchild, an action packed weekend with your child, or a school vacation or gap week!    

dsc03882.jpgSeptember's Kindercarton is all about Farms!

Each Kindercarton includes

  • Colorful word and picture cards to build your child’s vocabulary
  • Specially chosen books plus ideas for stretching the stories
  • Complete Parent Guide for the month ideas for games and dramatic play
  • Math activities
  • Language activities
  • Monthly Science Log (check out our website for ideas to stretch this for older children in the family)
  • Four complete craft kits
  • Step by step recipes
  • Family Fun Trip ideas

All parents want high quality family experiences to make the most of their time together and to build long lasting family memories, but in today’s fast paced and demanding world it’s hard to find time to look for ideas and gather materials to make those magic moments happen. Whether you are looking for a complete curriculum for a language-based  home preschool experience or hours of high quality family time, or something in between, this program is  for you. Each month, our Kindercartons give parents new resources to engage the whole family in fun activities that encourage thinking, build vocabulary, and help children make connections with new learning while being together as a family!

Reviews From Parents using our Kindercartons


Mom from Connecticut Says…                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    "I am the mother of 2 sons (age 3 and 5) and have tried several subscriptions boxes. This one rises and differentiates itself above the others! Through thematic learning, this box includes a book, corresponding monthly vocabulary cards, craft activities and all necessary supplies, fun kid-friendly recipe ideas, as well as outing ideas (to name a few of the many components of this subscription). Each box comes with a “playbook” for parents to help guide them through the activities and suggestions to enhance the topic of the month.  This kit facilitates learning opportunities for children as young as 2/3 and well into the early elementary age in a fun and engaging way. It also creates opportunities for caregivers to connect with their children without having to research, shop and prepare the materials.  This box is a must for any caregiver looking to enhance their child’s learning outside of the classroom while having an incredibly fun time doing it!"


Mom from North Carolina Says….
“When the GR4K box arrives it’s like a spontaneous theme party much to the delight of Grace! The wonderful books explore the monthly theme and use all of our senses.  Also, when friends (young and old) come to visit they love all the creativity displayed! Many times they have said, “sign me up!” Thank so much for bringing this educational opportunity right to our door!”

Mom from Alaska Reports….
“Lots of lovely activities! We complete 1-2 activities each week and the books have been read and looked through over and over!”

Mom from Oregon Exclaims…
“Great fun! We use the box when there’s no preschool. Everything is right there.”

Mom from Florida Says…
“I love exploring the box and watching my child be excited by each task! I also feel supported and equipped to complete each project with my child.”

Grandmother from Rhode Island shares…
“Marco was thrilled to see what was in each new box.   He learned lots of new words through the flashcards with pictures. There were so many activities in each box that I shared them with his other grandmother  who also enjoyed the learning time with Marco. What a wonderful experience for all of us to connect with our grandchild in a fun learning environment.”    


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