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Kindercarton for Home Childcare Providers(up to 5 children)

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Kindercartons are a great resource for Home Childcare Providers!

No extra work for you - we provide all the materials, books, resources you need to give your children a well-rounded preschool experience blended into your regular daily routine! Our curriculum is based on various state early childhood expectations as well as guidelines from the CDC (Yes, they do early childhood along with health issues).

Because young children need to connect new learning to something they already know, we've built those connections into our monthly content by using a theme for each month. Most themes are Science based (wind, snow, nests and eggs), but some are Social Studies based (Families, flags) and some are just for fun (gingerbread and cookies). Each month you'll get a detailed Learning Guide, word cards, science log pages, 2 excellent children's books, math activities, language activities, dramatic play ideas as well as a game or 2, information about the monthly theme, and 5 complete craft projects for each child. We also send out 2 monthly updates with more ideas for you to use. We're working on Kindergarten Construction Zone, our new membership area which will have even more help and ideas for you. In addition, you could print out our monthly newsletter to give to your parents to let them know what their child will be learning during their time with you.

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