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What's an Entrepreneur? An apple farmer like Annie!

What's an Entrepreneur? An apple farmer like Annie!

Posted by Karen Francis Meyer on Sep 9th 2021

Apple Farmer Annie by Monica Wellington tells the story of a young woman who has an apple farm. Annie grows many kinds of apples, picks them, and then sells them in the city. She’s quite the entrepreneur!

Apple Farmer Annie also makes different apple products like cider, muffins, and pies to sell. The sweet story alone is a good reason to share this book with a favorite child, especially in September when apples are everywhere!

But, there is another reason to share this book …

Apple Farmer Annie is full of fantastic pictures to build your child’s vocabulary and practice math skills! Here’s how:

  • On page 1 we read, “Annie is an apple farmer. She has a big orchard of apple trees.” And there on the 2 page spread is a picture of an orchard of apple trees, her farm house, and her truck. On this page, you can talk about an orchard and count the apples on each tree.

  • You can follow the life cycle of apples on the outside of page 1. Count the spots on Annie’s dog and the stripes on her cat, count how many trees are in the orchard and how many apples are in each basket, count the signs of Fall that you can find in the book.

  • A few pages along, Annie is sorting apples by color into 4 different baskets. There are groups of apples up to 10 to count. How many baskets are there? Can you find a number 5 on the truck’s license plate?
  • Are there more red apples or yellow apples or green apples?

  • Annie makes apple cider using an apple press. When my daughter was a Girl Scout, we made apple cider in an apple press. 

It was delicious and smelled so good, but I did not like all the bees that wanted to join us that day. Can you get some apple cider to taste and compare it to apple juice?

  • Then there are the pages in the kitchen where she makes applesauce and yummy baked goods.

  • On each page, there are pictures of different kitchen tools you would use for each. What a great way to build vocabulary! There are recipes in the back of the book for Applesauce, Apple Muffins, and Apple cake. Can you make one together at your house?

  • Then Annie loads up the truck and drives into the city, there is even a wonderful page of street signs to show and explain to your child. Look for them when you are on the road yourselves. When she gets to the farmer’s market, more words!

  • And what can be better than snuggling with a good book, a yummy snack, your puppy and kitty, and warm jammies at the end of a busy day. The end of the day is a great time to read Apple Farmer Annie!

This is a wonderful book for building Fall vocabulary about apples!

Enjoy it with a child you love and build that vocabulary.

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