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Tired of working in your jammies? Mix it up with a Family PJ Party!

Tired of working in your jammies? Mix it up with a Family PJ Party!

Posted by GR4K on Apr 25th 2021

It's been a long year...Covid has kicked our butts and left us looking for new ideas to build some "safe" fun into our family routines. Having a FAMILY Pajama Party works no matter what state of Covid your home state is in.

So here we go: Have a family sleepover! Here’s how to make this a night your children will remember forever (in a good way):

First, everyone gets in their pajamas! Decide where you are going to sleep and set up the area before you start the “party”. Will you cover the dining table with sheets and sleep under it like a tent or cave? Will you stretch out on the floor in front of the tv or fireplace? Will you all sleep in one person’s bedroom?

Next, start off the evening with breakfast for supper. Make pancakes or French toast or scrambled eggs instead of the more traditional dinner time food of protein, starch, veggie. If this sounds too strange, pick a super easy meal like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or take- out pizza. Just make it simple and unusual!

(Pick out a family movie to watch or board game to play and have that ready to go after you play family hide and seek.)

Hide and Seek is an important part of the family sleepover. If you have a dog, they will probably want to play, also. (There is something very special about hiding in the bathtub in the dark with an 85-pound dog while trying to keep him quiet!) For younger children, pair them up with an adult or older sibling. Other options for Family Games work as well: Scavenger Hunts, Charades, Flashlight Tag. There needs to be movement in this part of the evening.

After the active game, it is time to quiet down with a board game or family movie or even a campfire if the weather and your living space allows. Just something to help everyone quiet down and snuggle in for the night.

There are only 2 rules for the Family Sleepover: Everyone stays and sleeps in the same room and no electronic distractions! Focus is on each other!

That’s it! Very simple! An evening together for the best quality time you will ever spend!

Sweet Dreams!

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