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The Most Important Resolution for Families!

The Most Important Resolution for Families!

Posted by Karen Francis Meyer on Jan 1st 2022

If parents could make one New Year’s resolution

that would have the greatest impact on their child in 2022,

what should it be?

From the standpoint of parent sanity, maybe it should be that …

  • all children go to bed a half hour earlier in the New Year?

Or to make us all healthier, maybe it should be to …

  • eat more fruits and vegetables
  • or take a family walk each weekend
  • or play a board game on Sunday afternoons?

ALL of these would make a difference for your family’s health and well-being!

But the number one best resolution

is to make reading to your child a daily event in your home.

Before bed is a traditional time to read to your child. The quietness of evening, as they are settling down for sleep, gives you a special opportunity to snuggle together while you read.

If you work nights and bedtime reading isn’t doable, how about reading together at breakfast?

Or read while you wait for the school bus?

Maybe you read to one child while the other is getting extra help after school or while one is at a lesson or sport practice,

or even read while they are in the tub at night.

Let grandparents read during FaceTime or a phone call.

*****Studies show that children who are read to every day have larger vocabularies and learn at a quicker pace than children who do not have reading in their daily lives. *****

Helping your child succeed in school by reading to them each day is a great habit to build in the New Year.

All it takes is 10-15 minutes per day,

will you try it?

Do you have a special way to build reading with your child into your daily life? Share it with us here!

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