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Posted by Get Ready 4 Kindergarten on Apr 13th 2020

What’s "TALK Time" and why is it an important part of helping my child Get Ready For Kindergarten? Communication is how we connect, share information, and get what we need or want from the world.

When a young child goes off to kindergarten, they will be one of many children sharing the attention of one adult. If a child is still communicating by gestures or speaking in baby talk, they will struggle to engage with others and be able to have their needs met.

We’ve all experienced very little children getting frustrated and seen/heard how they usually express themselves: screaming, crying, throwing things, biting, and hitting are pretty common reactions to anger and frustrations. When that same child goes to preschool or childcare, they are told and taught to “use their words” to explain their wants and needs. The problem is that most little children do not know enough words to express what they are thinking or feeling.  Read more about how Talking Time Works.....

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