Sand is awesome!

Jul 23rd 2019

It fills beaches and deserts, it can be used as a filter, it can fill an hour glass and measure time, and it is great fun to play with in a sand box. And location determines some of its characteristics: a beach in Maine has very rocky sand, a beach in New Jersey has coarse sand, and a beach in Florida has very fine sand. Some beaches in the world have pink or even black sand!

So, how do we use this word to build a child’s vocabulary?

Here are 3 quick tips to teach the word sand:

  • Ask your child what sand is. You don’t have to get technical, but sand is a natural material which means it occurs all by itself in nature. (Sand is made up of fine rock and mineral particles. Along the oceans, sand contains calcium carbonate which has been created from various lifeforms like coral and shellfish – isn’t that awesome! Away from the ocean, sand is made up of quartz silica.) Beaches with pink, black, green, yellow or blinding white sand are full of a specific mineral. You can find out more about this by looking up sand on Google. Your child should focus on: sand is a different color and texture than dirt and you usually find it near a water source or on a desert.
  • Sand is great for doing some math work. Measure with measuring cups, weigh it, mix it with water and build with it. Compare colors. Try and separate the different particles in sand (the farther north you are, the easier this is to do), check out the colors and feel. Count the grains in a teaspoon of sand (maybe ¼ teaspoon?).

  • PLAY! Play in the sand! Bury your feet in the sand, bury someone else’s feet in the sand. Build a sandcastle!Use wet sand to drip on your sand castle as a decoration. Dig a hole near the water’s edge and watch the tide fill it with water and make the sides of your hole collapse. Dig in the sand and look for crabs that burrow. Play in a sand box. If you have no access to sand, dump a box of corn meal in a large pan and play in a personal sandbox!

Wikipedia says that one of the many uses of sand is for play!

Try these ideas and your child will always remember how much fun sand can be!