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Book Club Monday, a gingerbread book by Katie Bratun

Book Club Monday, a gingerbread book by Katie Bratun

Posted by Karen Francis Meyer on Dec 14th 2021

If you are looking for a sweet story to snuggle down with and enjoy on a quiet Winter night – this story will fill every nook of your heart! Katie Bratun’s Gingerbread Mouse is absolutely magical from the story to the illustrations. A terrible Winter storm hits our little mouse’s home and she sets off to find a new place to live with the snow flying and the wind blowing.

Spend some time enjoying the wonderful illustrations and looking for details with your child: the snowmouse, the mailbox, tiny sled, and well-hidden front door pull you into the magic on the very first page.

Our little mouse finds her new home and cleverly finds a way to move in!

Look for these pages and talk with your child about the story:

  • 1.Mouse makes herself a dresser, rug, and chair. Talk about how she made them. What did she “repurpose and reuse”?
  • 2.Compare the bedroom in her old and new houses. What’s the same and what’s different? Do you see any AB patterns?
  • 3.Make up a story about the mouse living in one of her houses. Help your child make up their own story.

Finish up this special reading time by making the cookies found in the back of the book. The little girl in the story gave a gingerbread cookie to the mouse. Who could your family give cookies to this Winter? Let us know who you shared your cookies with and what kind of cookies you made!

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