Birthday Box

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Product Overview

Celebrate the birthday of a special preschooler with Get Ready 4 Kindergarten’s Happy Birthday Box!

Just like our monthly Kindercartons, this box is focused around a wonderful children’s book and is full of crafts, recipes, games, and learning that will let your family experience the joy of playing together while helping your child reach one of those important milestones: sorting by shapes and colors!

 If you’re looking for ways to get your family unplugged and engaged with each other, this is what you need!

The Happy Birthday Box includes:

  • Picture word cards to build your child’s shape vocabulary
  • Assorted pattern blocks for building shape pictures
  • A specially chosen book plus ideas for stretching the story
  • Ideas for games and dramatic play –
    • Shape Hunt
    • Hide and Seek
    • Treasure Hunt
  • A shape craft for the neighborhood birds
  • Math activities to teach your child all about basic shapes, colors, and patterns
  • Paper shapes for building patterns and making shape pictures
  • List of shape snacks and foods to enjoy
  • Parent Learning Guide to help you teach your child

All for $39 with free shipping!

The Happy Birthday Box, gives parents new resources to engage their preschooler in fun activities that encourage thinking, build vocabulary, and help children make connections with new learning while being together as a family!

Reviews From Parents:

Mom from North Carolina Says….

“When the GR4K box arrives it’s like a spontaneous theme party much to the delight of Grace! The wonderful books are better understood because exploring the monthly theme uses all of our senses. Also, when friends (young and old) come to visit they love all the creativity displayed! Many times they have said, “sign me up!” Thank so much for bringing this educational opportunity to our door!”

Mom from Alaska Reports….

“Lots of lovely activities! We complete 1-2 activities each week and the books have been read and looked through over and over!”

Mom from Oregon Exclaims…

“Great fun! We use the box when there’s no school. Everything is right there.”

Mom from Florida Says…

"I love exploring the box and watching my child be excited by each task!  I also feel supported and equipped to complete each project with my child.”

Keep your child learning all year long with a totally new Kindercarton each month!

Enjoy new books to read, new games to play, new crafts to make, new recipes to try, and much more!






(No reviews yet) Write a Review